The B.W. Cooper Housing Development was built between 1939 and 1941 and was

initially named the Calliope Housing Development. B.W. Cooper applied to HUD for

resident management training in 1988 and was awarded the maximum amount of grant


Thus, a new Resident Management Corporation was formed. B.W. Cooper Resident Management Corporation was formed in July 1987 in accordance with Louisiana State Corporation Laws and Regulations 24 CFR: 964 which allowed the formation of Resident Management Corporations. BWCRMC was originally formed for the sole purpose of contracting with the Housing Authority of New Orleans to manage the B.W. Cooper Housing Development and other HANO properties. At its pinnacle, B.W. Cooper was responsible for total management of 1584 units with several thousand residents, an annual budget in excess of 6 million dollars, and a staff of 140 skilled Executive Administrators, Managers, Administrative, and Maintenance personnel of which 60% were residents of the development. Today, BWCRM has a staff of 22 skilled Administrators, Managers and Maintenance personnel that continues to provide a high level of expertise and professionalism with the purpose of delivering the highest quality property management services in accordance with industry standards. BWCRMC’s mission to “Empowering Residents to Empower Themselves” is a direct reflection of the women who founded the company. Its vision of providing decent, safe and sanitary housing with a strong emphasis on customer service and making the residents a positive part of the community is the staple of the corporate philosophy.

B.W. Cooper Resident Management Corporation

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